Welcome to the Green Thumb Guru.

We think everybody should create their own garden. 

What is a Greenthumb Guru? 

A teacher, tutor, mentor with an exceptional aptitude for gardening or for growing plants successfully

Ed Sourdiffe is The Green Thumb Guru

We are your best resource for:

  • Educational Gardening Seminars
  • Media Interviews & Appearances
  • Garden Consultations and
  • Personalized Garden Mentoring

And we pleased to offer you an opportunity to stay our AirBNB, Northridge; a property of many natural wonders nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires.

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Educational Gardening Seminars

There are a vast variety of topics in Horticulture. Some seem more complicated than others, but all are easily understood when the basics are known.

Our gardening seminars are available on a wide variety of gardening topics. We custom design classes to the specific needs and topics of the client. Just let us know what your thoughts and goals are, then we can create an entertaining and informative presentation for your group. Our scheduling is flexible and can be tailored to fit your group’s availability, morning, noon or evening.

We have experience and work in all manner of educational settings, be they Garden Clubs, Libraries, Museums, Social groups, Schools, Public events, Retirement communities you name it. Our classes are always fun, educational and eye opening. Your members are assured to walk away from our seminars with a greater depth of knowledge than they had before, and perhaps even a greater interest in the topic at hand. 

A short list of some of the topics and classes that we have provided in the past include: 

  • Organic Gardening: Good for you, good for the garden, and good for the planet; 
  • Water Gardens and Features: Beautiful, simple, and as inexpensive as you like; 
  • Heirloom Gardening: Unexpected pleasures from the past and how they make gardening easier and cheaper; Seasonal Change in the Garden – What to do, what to do; 
  • Indoor Plants and Tropicals: Keep that green thumb green and reap the benefits of indoor gardening; Simple Bonsai – Get lost in the world of your .own creation; Organic Garden Planning: Every successful beginning starts with a plan.

Media Interviews & Appearances

For a number of years Ed has been the go-to guy for answers to questions on Gardening, and related topics from the media.

  • Ed has been sought out as a gardening expert to interview from news stations from Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.
  • He is the current resident garden expert for the lifestyle program, Mass Appeal on our local NBC affiliate Channel 22.
  • He has written a variety of articles for various publications.
  • He enjoys media appearances, and writing articles, as he feels they are amongst the best ways to reach a wide variety of gardeners and would be gardeners.

Garden Consultations

Fresh eyes on a problem is always a good beginning to tame an unruly problem, be that in life, or in the garden. Ed will come to your site, walk your property with you, listen to your challenging garden problems, your need for change, and your goals. He will then offer advice on techniques to solve your dilemmas and give you easy steps to remedy them. He will give you a fresh perspective and instill in you a feeling of confidence, along with the knowledge and tools so that you can accomplish your own goals for creating your own personal paradise.

Personalized Garden Mentoring

Sometimes we just need a mentor to set us on the right path. One who can give us confidence to try something new like gardening. Ed is just that sort of mentor when it comes to plants and gardening.

One of Ed’s personal sayings is: “There is a plant for every person and a person for every plant”. Whether you want to dive into the area of indoor plants, plan your own organic garden, or make a pleasing landscape, that is simple to care for and implement, here’s where you can get a great start.

Ed will either come to you, or work with you remotely, to find out where your gardening passions and goals lie. He will help to enable you to bring your horticultural goals to fruition. Ed has great empathy, and is one of the better listeners, who really gets what his clients need and what their wants are. His gardening personality is infectious and humorous. His means of teaching are easily understood. If you feel you need just a bit of helpful guidance, let Ed help you on your path to your future garden goals.

Stay With Us

Northridge is a property of many natural wonders nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires. Our Airbnb guests have on a variety of occasions used such terms as “magical” and “picturesque” to describe the natural landscape.

Here at Northridge you will find a total respite from the hectic world, yet you will still be at the center of the best that western Massachusetts has to offer. Nature will surround you with the sound of birds, wind in the trees, and rushing waters which cascade over the myriad of waterfalls on the property. A stroll through the property will expose you to ridges, precipices, and large and small natural water features, not to mention the variety of flora and fauna which abound here. If finding places of beauty, peace and solitude in nature are your goal, then you will find them all here and within easy walking distance from your accommodations. Your stay will be cozy in the four-season gazebo. At your service you will find rich amenities such as gas fire places, both indoors and out. A heated, plush bed with overhead fan. A microwave and mini fridge for your convenience. And access to an outdoor shower, so you can wash away the cares of the world while watching the clouds drift by. Finally, at the end of your day you will find yourself drifting off to sleep, lulled by the sounds of the waterfalls that you have come to know intimately. This truly is glamping at its best.